So You Have Your USP So What Now? Training…..Training…Training

So You Have Your USP So What Now? Training… Training…Training. This is the one thing that should never stop in your business, even ifTraiing On Uniqye Selling Point you are a one man band! No matter who you are, the more you train and learn, the more successful you will become.

Last week we worked on your USP, so now you have it to your liking and it conveys to your clients why they are (and should always be) supporting your business. Well, no it doesn’t convey anything to your clients if your staff has not been taught what it is and how to use it. In other words, it is a piece of paper laying in your drawer.

Training – Your Make Or Break Point!

If you want to put that New USP to work, to rake in all that “moola” that is just laying waiting for you to collect, then you need to put it to work through your staff, and that takes training. Intensive training, notMoola just telling them ” hey, you must say this when you answer the phone or greet a customer”.

Let them play out scenarios, answering the phone and speaking to Customers, but beware, you have to do it a few times first to demonstrate to them what you expect. This means that you need to practice it until you have it perfect. I like the trick that I learned from a Tim Sales CD years ago.

Put a stuffed animal with a recorder at the other end of the table and you sit on the other end and speak to the stuffed animal. You then replay the recording and listen to your tone, hesitations etc. then you repeat the procedure over and over until you have it down perfectly. Now you can teach your staff.

Scenarios are very effective for this type of training. You demonstrate it two or three times and then you let everyone else have a try once (they can use a prompt card for the wording). Once everyone has done it once, start again. Encourage laughter and comic criticism as they willLaughter at commic critisism learn faster if it is light-hearted. You continue this until you go through the group 3 times without an error. If you have a large staff that needs training, you will have to break them up into groups for different training sessions.

Quality Control – I Hope You have Hair On Your Teeth!

After the training and implementation comes the quality control phase. This, believe it or not, is an important stage and probably the most difficult to implement. You need to monitor the staff answering calls and greeting customers. You also need to monitor your ClientIf you find errors, wait until you can talk to the person alone and help them right. If the problem is widespread or persistent, then address it in a group without mentioning names. Sometimes, sterner measures are required but always start with the correct training.

If you have sales Reps, good luck. This is the weakest point in the system and you really have to convey to them the benefits of the USP and convince them to use it when they are out of the office. This is where quality control comes into it’s own.

Websites – I Know…I Know! They Cost You Money

Well, no they don’t have to. They can be free and they can make you a lot of MONEY! There are a lot of IT companies out there eyeing and vying for your busines, but be carefull. They can promise the world and deliver you a toilet! More on “How to have a website cost free and make it pay you” in another Article.

Easy Reading

Our articles are purposefully kept short so that they make easy reading when you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare (which isn’t often with your own business). If you need more details or help with anything in our posts or business related, please feel free to ask me here.

I hope this brief article was of interest to you. If so, please leave a comment below and share the page. Until the next time.

Aug 18, 2017

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