Low Cost No, Cost Tools. Why?

In these trying financial times it has become necessary for a lot of people, unemployed, pensioners and even the employed, to find another means of earning an income. A lot of people have opted to try and start their own business, not as a choice but out of necessity.

Many Hats

As a small business, there is not always the finance to employ all the necessary skills required for OHS, COID, HIRA, Security, Labour, Accounting and more and the owner tends to wear many of these hats himself. This often leaves gaps int he process due to lack of expertise.

Advice and Documentation

The aim of this Site is to help those who need and want help through advice and where possible proforma documentation, bearing in mind that this site is geared towards South African entrepreneur. With our myriad of ever-changing laws, rules and regulations, it is often mind-boggling to the underqualified and inexperienced new business owner.

Not having the funds to employ the services of an expert, the owner frequently muddles on, blissfully unaware of what he is not doing or is doing incorrectly or even illegally.

No Funds

A lot of the unemployed and the pensioners have no funds to start a new business and are turning more and more to the internet with all its schemes and false promises of “Push this button and earn $500,00 a day doing nothing”.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of these false promises at every turn, and unless you are very vigilant, you will lose the shirt off your back.

Having said this, there are really ways to earn a comfortable living on line. They are not, however, “push one button” or get rich quick programs. Remember, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Due Diligence

My favorite term. If I had learned it earlier in life, I would have been a lot happier, not to mention some what wealthier, not having spent all that money on the “Internet Training” that taught me what not to believe.

The internet, being full of these miracle sites, is also full of sites that specialise in debunking all these get rich quick sites. I am sure that there are very few of these “fraud” sites that are not listed somewhere on google.

What I am getting at is that you must do your due diligence on anything that you want to try. Make sure that you understand what they are promising and check if it is listed on google as a scam or not.


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