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Build your email list the right way!  In the last post, we decided that we want some of that Cold Hard Cash that we have been leaving on the table because we do not tract our customers, potential customers and old customers.  Clearly there are some basics that need to be attended to to do this effectively.  It is not as simple as jotting down a list of names to send emails to. each type of list requires a different approach. we also need to send them different types of emails. The question was last, how do we create those lists?

The Rules Have Changed

You have to pay attention to the email marketing spam rules. Things Searching news for ruleshave changed dramatically since the days of anything goes marketing. The customers have become more sophisticated and very aware of the rules. This has led to the companies like Google and Facebook tightening the rules and enforcing them. If you do not play by the rules, you will probably be thrown off the field!

This means that you will need to ensure that you lists contain only people that have subscribed and you will also have to provide an unsubscribe link so that people who no longer choose to receive emails from you can opt out. To avoid your customers fom opting out, you will have to provid emails or news letters full of offers and information that they want to receive and which they find useful. Mot of all, do not be tricked into using free email marketing lists. These lists will often lead to “Spamming ” claims and it could really hurt your business.

I, as a general rule, do not advise the use of any lists from outsiders, free or paid. Most of these lists carry names of people that;-

  • – are not in your area
  • – did not subscribe to receive emails from you
  • – possible did not subscribe to any list
  • – that will probably report your emails as spam.

Develop your own lists of your old customers and current customers. If you want to develop a list of prospective customers, then that will take a little effort but in the long run, you will get a list of potential customers that live in your area and are therefore more likeky to buy from you, will be expecting emails from you and will not be as easily upset about receiving emails and they will probably be warmer towards buying from you than those on the customer lists that you purchase.

Building Trust Is Paramount

People are not going to buy from someone that they don’t trust, that


is a given. So sending emails to random people off random emailing lists is not likely to entice people to buy from you. I am not saying that you will never make a sale off these lists. It is possible that you may, but the cost of the sale in cash and in reputation damage could be very expensive.

Why would I open, let alone read, an email from someone that I have had no contact with, that fills my inbox with random offers that I do not believe or want, and which I now have to waste time sifting through to delete.How effective do you expect such an email campain to be? You need to build trust and to do this takes effort.

When you get a persons details from them personally, through discussions, sign-up forms on your webpage or in-store, the person is now expecting something from you and will probably read it when it arrives. This “warm” reader is more likely to receive your email, read it and possibly even act on it, which is your end goal. Whether they are new or returning customers, your aim is to get them to your store. Your brick and mortar or your online store, whichever you have is where you want your customers.

Give Them A Reason

Your email address is worth something to you. It is how you communicate with people. You spend time reading the emails and responding to those emails. So where does the value come in? Well, your time is it’s value and you don’t want to waste it on pointless emails, all wanting you to spend your real money with the writer. So, why would you expect people to just hand over their email address to you? What is in it for them and how do they know that you will not abuse it or waste their time with spam?

You need to do do two things;

  1. You need to ensure that they are comfortable with the fact that youdata_security_button will NEVER sell or give out their details, and You need to make it worth their while for them to give you their details, e.g. give them a 5% discount voucher on their next purchase, or let them download an Ebook for free, once they have subscribed. We all like free goodies don’t we?

How To Build A Email List or Customer List

The secret to how to build a subscribers list is actually not a secret. Iit is well known and there are tones of methods listed on the internet.  It is not a quick fix though. it takes work and the list grows over a period of time. The more time (and content) the longer the list. Here is a list of ten things you can do to grow your list;

1. The Sign-up Sheet
This is a must.

2. The Humble Business Card Collect them and invite the owner to signup.

3. Delivery Notes If you deliver you have snail mail addresses. convert them to email.

4. Swap emails with direct mail

5. Host an event
Plan an event and collect names and email addresses

6. Start A Club
You can start one or more clubs and collect  members details

7. The Dreaded Telemarketing
You and your employees interact with many customers and prospects on the phone Throughout the day. Make it part of the telephonic “must do” code.

8. Optimize your website for opt-ins
If a customer or prospect visits your website, they’re already at least somewhat interested. Don’t miss the opportunity

9. Blog To Build Your List
Your blog provides a great way to build a personal relationship with customers and prospects

10. Use Social Media To Reach Wide  Social media participation can allow you to reach new audiences and make new connections. Keep yourself abreast of trending topics that are of interest to your customers and prospects. Use it to encourage people to visit and sign up for your email list.

To get the PDF with the full list of 39 ways to build your list, plus explanations, Click Here but, please subscribe to my mailing list.

Start Now But Don’t Rush It

Building an email list is imperative and it takes time, a lot of time, butNetwork Security it is critical to your marketing success in the digital age.  Without collecting all your old, current and prospective customer’s email addresses you are falling way behind the bubble. If you want to grow and succeed in today’s business world, just being there is not enough. Your customers require more and you need to deliver to make it happen.

In this ever-changing world, our tactics need to keep ahead of the proverbial bubble. To do this, we need to keep abreast of the current trends and make sure we learn all the new technologies.

All of us have ideas that we have tried or want to try. What other tactics do you use to collect more emails? How well did they work?

Leave your ideas in the comment section below. If you have any questions, please ask them here.


Sep 14, 2017

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