Do I need a Unique Selling Point (Proposition)?

“Do I need a USP, I am not a Corporation”? This is one of the first questions that I am asked by a new Client.

My stock in trade answer – “Hell yes! It is what keeps you, your staff and your customers focused on why your Customers support you”. You will notice that I include the Customer (or client) in that statement. Why? Well, if you do not tell your customer why he/she should support you,  then, when they are asked where they buy their meat from, they are going to ad lib it, and the comments are not always going to encourage the listener to want to support you. “Oh, I buy it from the little Butchery down the road”.

If the Little Butchery Down the Road had a USP, say “LBDTR where Quality, freshness, and service are guaranteed, no questions asked”,  the customer’s reply to the same question not more likely to be “Oh, at LBDTR, the quality is so good and the service is great”?

Every time the telephone is answered or a customer is greeted, the USP must be communicated. It imprints it in your customer’s mind, and more importantly, in your and your Staff’s minds. This keeps you focused on your core business, your quality, and service.

A USP is not a catchy rhyme that you make up to impress your customers with your wit. It is an important business tool that is able to improve your turnover and bottom line significantly. As such, you need to approach the development of your USP with a serious attitude. You need to do some research, speak to your staff, yes, they have ideas too, after all, they work with you, your product and your customers. Often they know the customers and products better than you do.

You should also ask your customers, past and present, what they have to say. You do have contact lists of all your customers don’t you……..Don’t you? This is a greatly under utilised resource that has huge, untapped potential, but that is a topic for another time.

So now you have done the research, spoken to your staff, surveyed your past and present customers and created your USP (Two actually, the full version) 50 to 90 words and the short version for use on Business cards, Telephone greetings and when greeting customers. So what happens now?

TRAINING! That’s what happens now. But that is for another post.

“Centre on your Core” (Business)

Easy Reading

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Aug 10, 2017

  • Hey Bryan:

    You make a good point in this post. Whether you’re a corporation or a one-person enterprise, having a clear idea about your WHY helps to keep you doing the things that matter to your customers and to yourself.

    As somebody or other once said, people don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.

    • Hi Netta,  It is vitally important to have a USP and to use it correctly.. Some businesses have them without realising what they are. They just treat them as catchy phrases. 

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