Customer Lists = Cold Hard Cash

cold hard cash

It’s a fact! If you do not track your customers (capture their names and email addresses) you are throwing away thousands every month….and those thousands come off your bottom line.

We all know that the biggest cost is getting that new customer right?… Of course you know that. So why, once you have the customer Passers bydo you not keep him/her? You do? So what is the customer’s name and email address? If you don’t have those details at least, you don’t keep your customers, you will sell to passers-by. If they drop by, you will gladly sell to them, if not, you don’t know them and cannot invite them back through specials, new products etc.

I have consulted internationally and I have always been astounded by how few businesses understand the importance of the Client lists…….and yes, it is lists, Current and past clients/customers and prospective clients/customers. These lists are worth thousands and that income will cost you almost nothing, so why not collect the details?

In all honesty, I have found a few businesses (very few) that do collect “some” customers details when they remember. When asked what they do with these details, even fewer businesses do anything with them….and the reason for that is that they do not know what to do with these customer lists.

There are three ways to grow your business (a topic for another blog)Grow your business and for all of them you need customers. If you have no Customer lists, you have to pay dearly to get customers. If you have the 3 lists, your growth is almost free. Could you do with free money? You could? Well…start those lists because that is where that untapped cash lays.

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Aug 22, 2017

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  • Great post on the importance of building a customer list, you are right, it really does lead to cold hard cash!

    I think a lot of small businesses and online businesses don’t realise the importance of building up an email list!

    I’ve heard that it often takes up to 7 contacts before someone buys from you, so following up with email is very important!

    Thanks for pointing out this important business principle, looking forward to your next blog!

    • Hi John, Thanks for the feedback. You are absolutely tight. If a customer, client or visitor looks at something 7 times before acting, Why not keep on marketing to them as they are now warm to your goods or service and will react much sooner. A huge cost saving on Marketing whether on line or offline.

  • Hey Bryan:

    Thanks for this reminder-post. Having a list of customers who’ve already shown they are interested in what you have to offer is a really important asset that often gets overlooked in the hoo-hah of just trying to do the other stuff a business requires.

    In my own analog business (residential property manager), it’s a given: new customers are silver, but old ones are gold. You WANT the ones who keep coming back even more than the new ones who’ve never heard of you.

    It’s a heck of a lot easier to work with them because you don’t have to do the whole introduction dance. You can just grab hands and go play.

    • Hi Netta, Thanks for the comments. Client lists are so important yet they are overlooked by so many people. Our Client list should be ranked higher on our priorities list in most cases. It is far more cost effective to market to “warm” customer/clients that looking for new ones.

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